Curiosity Core
Aperture Science door
Glados core 2
Curiosity Construct
Alternate names Curiosity Sphere, Curiosity Construct
Gender Female
Appearances Portal
Voiced by Ellen McLain
Race Robot
Roles Personality Construct
Hey, look at THAT thing! No, that other thing.
— Curiosity Core • Portal

The Curiosity Core is one of GLaDOS's personality cores in Portal. It is a highly curious core and apparently has feminine programming, with a high-pitched voice.

It is the first core that you need to knock off of GLaDOS with a rocket, and is the easiest to access upon doing so. Chell then drops it into the incinerator. Once this is done, GLaDOS's behavior becomes more erratic and her voice is accompanied with breathing sounds.


  • The Curiosity Core, along with every other character in Portal (save for the Anger Core) is voiced by Ellen McLain.