Jrumble Volcano

Grumble Volcano in Mario Kart 8

Grumble Volcano pulls no punches. With every lap, the terrain changes as sections of the course collapse into the lava. The volcano itself spews flames that foul up sections of the track, the road is uneven, and it's very easy to take a lava bath if you're not paying attention.
— Prima Strategy Guide • Mario Kart 8

Grumble Volcano is a volcanic course in Mario Kart 8, although its initial appearance was made in Mario Kart Wii. It appears in the Lightning and Star cups, respectively. Along the course, players will have to keep wary of Fire Snakes, fire spewed from the many volcanoes, and the track itself dropping into the lava below as the race goes on.

Course LayoutEdit

The section of road just after the race begins consists of a stretch leading to a ramp, leading to the first turn inside the mountain. At the start of the race it is wide and easy to navigate, however huge portions of the track soon start to break away, leaving much less room with which to drift through the turn. A ramp leads to split paths, which in turn lead to a glide ramp (Mario Kart 8) over a series of moving platforms. Now, the player is faced with a narrow route leading to another set of split paths, the bottom one leading to the final stretch of road before the finish line, the upper, narrower one leading to a glide ramp (Mario Kart 8).

Tips, Tricks, and Secrets!Edit

In the Mario Kart! Wii version of the Grumble Volcano map, there's a quick shortcut that'll have you win the race within a minute's time! First, play on the Time Trial mode or make it to the finish line with at least 1 Mushroom. Next, slow your cart down and turn a little before the finish line. Strait ahead you should see rocks that make almost a ramp shape, use your Mushroom and boost off those rocks and onto a ledge around a mountain protruding out of the magma. This ledge goes all the way around that mountain, simply drive around it until you reach the part of the ledge right next to the finish line, once you drive past this point, the game counts you as crossing the finish line, simply drive around the mountain on that ledge 2 more times, and you've won the race!


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