The Starship comes just in time! Your foe is Kabula, sky lord! It's the king's flying fortress!
— Boss description • Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kabula is King Dedede's ominous, heavy-hitting flying warship. She is most notable for her appearance in Kirby Super Star Ultra, but her first appearance was made in Kirby's own debut, Kirby's Dream Land. She will take out Kirby using any means necessary, including but not limited to cannon blasts and ramming attacks. She is fought in the Revenge of the King sub-game using the Starship ability.


Kirby's Dream LandEdit

You're having yourself a good old romp through a classic Gameboy game! You're on a roll, eating up all the baddies and floating over hazards when suddenly this maniacal flying mecha arrives to destroy Kirby! Fear not for there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, a glimmer of hope... the heavenly potato!

Well... we're not that off the mark. The Sweet Potato, known as the Mint Leaf in American versions of the game, is the key to defeating Kabula(known as Kaboola back in the day)! It allows Kirby to shoot unlimited air blasts from his mouth, making Kabula's demise quick, easy, yet fun work.

Kirby Super Star UltraEdit

Kabula appears in Revenge of the King one of the penultimate boss of the game(not counting Bandanna Waddle Dee). She blasts Kirby out of the sky, when suddenly, his Warp Star resurrects as the Starship. Then, a battle between the fierce mechanical airship versus the pink puff ensues. Kirby wins the battle and sets off for Mt. Dedede to confront his archnemesis, King Dedede.