King of the Beeb

The King Beeb as he enters the fight

The King Beeb is the first of many minibosses in the Nintendo Land game: Pikmin Adventure

The King of all BeebsEdit

This king of kings is about twice the size of a standard beeb, making him a menacing... 7.8 cm... To be fair, for a Mii shrunken down to the size of Captain Olimar, this king may be quite menacing. Yet again, this miniboss falls short, due to the fact that he is just another Creepy Beeb, the only difference being that it is bigger and posesses higher stamina.

King of the Ring!Edit

At the start of the fight, the King Beeb will fall down from the sky and start to wander around before curling up into a ball and rolling around in an attempt to crush you. The best way to avoid this is by runnning into a corner in the arena and hiding. The King Beeb is too large to fit into the tiny crevice;he'll just keep rolling around trying to get to you. The fight will change up from time to time, changing the arena layout as well as adding rocks and bombs you can use to attack him. If the layout of the stage is different from a octogon, flick the gamepad to jump over the King Beeb. After rolling around for a bit he should stop, or you can just throw Pikmin at him while he rolls around. Eventually, he should crack open a bit, leading him to his next form which is just a faster paced version of the fight. After that form, he'll enlarge to try to make a comeback, but instead collapse and explode into Nintendo Land Coins.

Monita's LogEdit

This royal Beeb of all Beebs curls into a ball and rolls around. You'd think his eyes would get in the way when it rolls, but no, it just pulls them in.
— Monita • Nintendo Land