Revenge of the King is a sub-game exclusive to Kirby Super Star Ultra. I
t has five stages, each of them based off of the stages from Spring Breeze.


King Dedede demands revenge! Will he finally reign victorious over his age-old nemesis?!

King Dedede wants revenge! Careful, he's serious this time!


Stage 1: Purple Plants - Purple Plants is based off of Green Greens. As the name suggests, much of the scenery is purple. Even a lot of the enemies are purple. The boss is Whispy's Revenge, a purple version of Whispy Woods .

Stage 2: Illusion Islands - Illusion Islands is based off of Float Islands. Like Float Islands, there is a water area and a cave area. The boss is Lololo and Lalala's Revenge, based on Lololo and Lalala.

Stage 3: Crash Clouds - Crash Clouds is based off of Bubbly Clouds. The setting is a lot more intense than Bubbly Clouds, having lightning in the background. The boss is Kracko's Revenge, a storm cloud version of Kracko.

Stage 4: Mt. Dedede Sky - Mt. Dedede Sky is based off of the boss of the third stage from the original Kirby's Dream Land. It is, however, just a boss stage, rather than an actual stage. The boss you fight is Kabula.

Stage 5: The Revenge - The Revenge is based off of Mt. Dedede. Rather than just fighting King Dedede, you actually fight a series of mini-bosses and go through a few rooms. Bandanna Dee is introduced in this level as a mini-boss that can be defeated by simply inhaling him. King Dedede is the boss of this level, but is called Masked Dedede.


  • Kirby's Dream Land is similar to Spring Breeze. The Extra Game from Kirby's Dream Land is simlar to Revenge of the King.
  • The ending song was used in the Kirby anime and is known as "Forgotten Escargon".