Space Sphere
Aperture Science door
Space Personality Contruct
Alternate names Space Core, Space Personality Construct
Gender Male
Appearances Portal 2, Skyrim
Voiced by Nolan North
Race Robot
Roles Corrupted Core
What's your favorite thing about space? Mine is space.
— Space Sphere • Portal 2

The Space Core is an eccentric corrupted core from Portal 2. It is one of the three corrupted cores to be attached to Wheatley in order to initiate a core tranfer.

The Space Core is obsessed with space, as its name implies. It will constantly rattle on about the subject during it's time with Chell. It's hyperactive tendencies irritate the other two corrupted cores.

Once Wheatley is defeated, the Space Core finally realizes it's dream and gets sucked into space. After a while, it gets bored and wishes to return to Earth.


  • The Space Sphere, along with all of the other corrupted cores, is voiced by Nolan North.
  • There is an unused dialogue involving the Adventure Sphere yelling at the Space Sphere.


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