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  • I live in a box. My alpaca buddies are jelly.
  • My occupation is being a gamer and studying video games with my alpaca pals.
  • I am an alpaca gamer.
  • Hoshii no Kaabii


    October 29, 2012 by Hoshii no Kaabii

    We are going to need templates for this wiki. Here are my ideas:

    • Warnings - Meta Knight picture used on the WoG Rules page
    • Article Stubs - Mario commenting that the page needs a "Mushroom or something" to get to the wiki's standards
    • Special Pages - A Triforce like the one on KZW
    • Clean-Up - Mega Man threatening to destroy the page if it is not fixed
    • Greetings - A friendly Pikachu welcoming new users

    If you agree with these ideas and are skilled in making templates, go ahead and start.

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  • Hoshii no Kaabii


    October 24, 2012 by Hoshii no Kaabii

    Welcome Kirby2390 back in with open arms! (Or open arms in emoticons). \ (^.^) /

    She is now a friend again. I had a really long chat with her yesterday. It feels really nice to get that hatred out of my heart. I'm sure she won't give any of us problems anymore. She's back to how she was before. It might be hard to forgive her, but just trust that the conversation I had with her was emotional enough to change her, so forgiving her will be easy.

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  • Hoshii no Kaabii

    With the release of the Wither, the adventure of the Fellowship of the Wikians of World of Gaming Wiki will begin! We need 7 people. If you are going to join, sign our name below, because it will be beginning soon. Get your friends to join if they have Minecraft and can follow the rules that we make. We also need somebody who can make a server.

    1. The Minecraft Adventure
    2. The Minecraft Adventure II: The Beginning of THE END
    3. The Minecraft Adventure III: The Wither

    If you will join, sign your username and the skin of the video game character you'll be playing as below.

    • 星のカービイ - Mega Man
    • JIRACHI - Link
    • JaylebyrdOn TV! - N
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  • Hoshii no Kaabii


    October 21, 2012 by Hoshii no Kaabii

    This wiki won't get big unless we can get people to join it. That is why when we reach 100 pages, we will make a request to wikia to sponsor our wiki, or whatever. Aside from that, I think I will point out that we should start working more on this wiki and work towards abandoning the other one for good. Although there was a lot of hard work put into it, there is no reason to keep it. Once I get the 365 badge on it (I'm at 285), I will feel like I completed my goal and we can say good-bye to that wiki. Any objections?

    Also, I need help making a signature that involves pictures. Will anybody help?

    From now on, chatting will be done on here, not Kirby/Zelda Wiki.

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