You can't have a wiki without rules! If you want to enjoy yourself, be sure to follow these rules.

  1. Use of exessive profanity is prohibited. Racism or discrimination

    There are rules!?

    for any reason is banned. This includes offending one's religion, origin, dialect, etc.
  2. Do not post pointless blogs. Nobody wants to know that you just took a crap. If you want to make a blog, make it have a purpose.
  3. Respect each other. Respect is something this world needs more of. Do not be mean to any other user. If a user is breaking the rules, an admin will take care of it.
  4. No vandalizing the wiki. This is common sense. Do not spam the wiki. If you're going to edit, edit well.
  5. No fan art on articles. We need to make things look more official. Do not post innappropriate pictures either.

KSSU-MK One who commits such crimes will not be tolerated. If you haven't learned your lesson from being notified of your evildoings, you will have to learn the hard way. Most will have at the end of a ban sentence.

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